Ordering goods

Order can be placed without any need of registration.

We recommend to carefully check all the steps of the order, after reading terms and conditions of the trade and finishing order form, order is assessed as binding and can no longer be changed (Any further changes are needed to be solved by e-mail or telephone)

Order form, confirmation of the order and all other associated necessities with orders are only in Czech or English.

We must warn you that color variations in the photos could vary from reality, based on color scheme of your computer monitor.

Placing goods in the cart doesn’t mean reservation. Cart only works as a summary of ordered goods. Order is binding only after receiving confirmation e-mail, which is sent after finishing your order.

The Seller is entitled to withdraw from the concluded contract in case of obvious errors about the price.  If the price of the goods is 0, this is a technical error or mistake. If the buyer has already paid part or all of the purchase price, this amount will be refunded.

User Account

Based on registration of the buyer, done on the web page, buyer will have all of his/hers data filled in the next order form.

When the buyer is completing registration on the web page or in the order form, it is mandatory to fill it right and truthfully. Data filled in the user account have to be updated when any change occurs. Data filled in the user account and in the order form are taken by seller to be right and truthful.

User account is protected by user name and password. Buyer is obliged to keep secrecy about any information necessary for access to the user account.

Buyer is not allowed to give access of his/hers user account to any third person.

Seller can cancel user account, especially when user account was inactive for more than 2 years, or in case of buyer violating purchase contract (terms and conditions of the trade included)

Buyer acknowledges that user account doesn’t have to be accessible at all times, especially, on account of necessary hardware and software maintenance on either seller’s equipment or third party equipment.

Information is stored and used according to valid laws of the Czech Republic. We put high emphasis on protection of user data. Data have maximum available amount of protection against theft and misuse. Every customer has the right to ask for erasing his/hers account from the register of our e-shop.

Sending of goods

For sending orders we use following transport and shipping services: Česká Pošta, DPD, Zásilkovna and Slovenská Pošta. Other means of shipping are accessed by clicking at the flag of European Union in the right upper conner.

Goods can be sent to your address or to the shipping company branch.

Right now, we ship the orders in 2–4 days, based on availability of goods. Goods marked "in stock" are located either in central or external warehouse in Liberec or in one of our shops.

Information about progress and expedition of the order will be sent by e-mail or by phone.

Goods marked by "Delivered within 24 hours", we guarantee delivering order within 24 hours, respectively the next workday (only in the Czech Republic, Zásilkovna excluded). Condition is to order until 10 a.m. and paid by cash on delivery.

Payment options

Transfer to bank account: free of charge

Cash on delivery CZ: 40 CZK

Cash on delivery SK: 2 Eur

On-line by card: free of charge

On-line using GoPay: free of charge

Paid by cash at Outdoorkids branch in Liberec: free of charge

Orders to Slovakia and other countries can be paid in Euros.

Exchange rate for year 2024 is 1 EURO = 24,5 CZK.

All the orders to the Czech Republic or to Slovakia (only by Zásilkovna) costing 2000 Kč or more have free shipping! Doesn’t apply to other countries.

Shipping options

Czech Republic

Shipping by Česká Pošta – To hand: 85 CZK

Shipping by Česká Pošta – To post office: 70 CZK

Shipping by Česká Pošta – To parcel pickup outlet: 70 CZK

Shipping by GLS: 80 CZK

Shipping to Zásilkovna branch: 70 CZK

Shipping to Zásilkovna  : 70 CZK

Personal pickup at Outdoorkids shop in Liberec: free of charge.


Shipping by GLS to Slovakia: 9 Eur

Shipping to Zásilkovna SK branch: 4 Eur


Shipping by Colissimo to France: 11 Eur


Shipping by Austrian Post: 7 Eur


Shipping by German Post: 8 Eur

Shipping by Hermes (Germany): 7 Eur


Shipping to Zásilkovna PL branch: 4 Eur


Shipping to Zásilkovna HU branch: 4 Eur

Shipping Time

Česká Pošta and DPD will deliver the goods the next day after sending the order.Shipping time to Zásilkovna branch (info at www.zasilkovna.cz), where you can pickup your order – goods ordered to these branches can not be tried on or checked – shipping time is 3-4 days after sending the order. Shipping time to Slovakia by Slovenská Pošta is about a week, DPD shipping time is 2-3 workdays from sending the order. Other countries from the list (France, Austria, Germany, Poland, Hungary) have shipping time 5–7 workdays from sending the order. It is possible to send goods to other countries of European Union. Orders can only be paid in Euros by transfer to a bank account. Possible bank fees must be paid by the buyerIn case of ordering off-season merchandise the shipping time can be 2-3 workdays longer because of storing in an external warehouse.

Personal pickup

Merchandise available on our e-shop doesn’t have to be available in our store, but only in main and external warehouse.Goods bought through our e-shop can be tried on for free in our store. After placing the order we check the availability for you and send you backup invoice. Order will be ready for pickup in 2–3 workdays after sending it.

We will inform you when the order is ready to pick up. You can try the goods you ordered in the shop or leave it there. If you don’t pick up the order or leave part of it in the shop, money will be sent to your bank account within 14 days according to law.

Returned Goods

In case of consumer e-contracts Act No. 634/1992 Coll. is applied, about protection of consumer, as amended, which gives consumer right to withdraw from contract within 14 days after taking over without giving reason. To meet a 14 days deadline for withdrawal, consumer needs to report withdrawal from the contract at least on the last day of the period.Consumer is obliged to send purchased goods back to the seller on his/hers expenses as a result of cancelled contract, at least 14 days after receiving the withdrawal from the contract. In case of returning complete order, e-shop is obliged to return the shipping price for sending the package to customer. In case of consumer using more expensive shipping option, only the cheapest expense variant is returned. E-shop can keep the returning money until the goods are returned or until proof of shipping is received.Consumershave a 14 days time period from taking over the order to check and try the goods. Consumers are only responsible for reducing the value of goods to the e-shop, which was caused by using the goods in any other way than is intended by its characteristics and nature. Returned amount of money could be lowered by the amount which was used to put the product to it’s original state (new packaging, removal of custom reflective elements, professional cleaning). Goods must be complete and well packed.Exception is merchandise adjusted by consumer’s request. In case of Outdoorkids e-shop it is especially merchandise, on which were applied reflective elements. In such cases e-shop has right to lower the returning amount by price of reflective element and its application. 

Money will be returned within 14 days after the seller receives the returning goods. In case of withdrawal from the contract the shipping expenses are paidby the consumer.

Money can only be returned to a bank account kept in euros.

Exchange of merchandise

Merchandise exchange is done by this method, the customer returns unsatisfactory merchandise and makes an order for new merchandise. Merchandise exchange is not a standard procedure for our e-shop.

Reclamation of goods

Reclamation of goods can be done within 24 months from purchase of the merchandise. Goods for reclamation or return within legal deadline please send to this address with filled in form(found lower on the page):

AXACO s.r.o.

Budyšínská 1400
46001 Liberec

Reclamation can also be solved at our branch in Liberec.

We will try to solve your reclamation as soon as possible, usually sooner than in 30 days which is the legal period for solving reclamation.


Protection of Personal Data – GDPR

In order to process your order, we process your address, surname, first name, telephone number and e-mail address. We thus become the administrator of your personal data. REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Regulation on the protection of personal data) - (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulation".) The reason is the need to use this personal data for the successful performance of the contract. We will process your personal data for another 10 years, as required by tax regulations.

Our external processors are carriers (Česká pošta, a.s., Direct Parcel Distribution CZ s. R. O. (DPD), Zásilkovna s.r.o.), to which customers' personal data are transferred to the minimum extent necessary for the smooth delivery of goods. Furthermore, the accounting firm MUCTO s.r.o, the company DriveNet s.r.o, as the provider of the platform for our e-shop, the company GoPay s.r.o. and Evo Payments International s.r.o., as payment gateway providers. Information on payment card numbers and data entered when paying by payment card are in no way saved in any way and AXACO s.r.o. has no access to them.

Without the express consent of customers, we handle their personal data only and exclusively to the extent permitted by the Personal Data Protection Act, especially in § 5 par. b) and in § 5 par. 6.

Other rights and obligations:

In the event of a dispute between us and the consumer arising from a purchase contract or a service contract that cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, the consumer may submit an out-of-court settlement of such a dispute to a designated out-of-court consumer dispute resolution body: the Czech Trade Inspection

Česká obchodní inspekce

Ústřední ispektorát – oddělení ADR

Štěpánská 15

120 00 Praha 2

email: adr@coi.cz

web: adr.coi.cz

The consumer can also use the online dispute resolution platform set up by the European Commission at https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.